Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Finally I blog...

Finally I blog… I know it’s been months. Unfortunately the reason I am home tonight with “nothing” to do is that Miss Karly had a seizure today at daycare. She is doing good. In fact she’s sitting in front of me while I type eating potato chips. Her seizure happened about 1:00 pm this afternoon. It was 10 minutes which is REALLY long for her, but she was in good hands surrounded by the best nurses. I got there to Pediatria right as the seizure was ending, I might have pushed the speed limit at bit. But I am only 3.7 miles away. They had her on an oxygen monitor and were checking all her vitals. Did I mention how much I love this place??? I called her neuro from there and the nurse at Pediatria talked to the doctor’s office for me and explained everything that happened. It was so nice to let someone else do the explaining. So the outcome is that we are up’ing her Keppra to 3.0 ml morning and night. I am hoping it was just a random seizure because she grew out of her old dose of Keppra since she’s getting to be so big.

Anyway since this crazy day occurred, our plans this evening had to change. The boys (meaning Jim and Ethan) continued with our plans to go the AA All-Star Game here in Harrisburg, while Karly and hold down the fort at home. I have already received about 20 messages that they are having a blast. They met some of the players from the AA Yankees team. Ethan was in heaven. I can’t wait to hear there stories tonight when they get home.

So to catch up on what’s been going on in Karly’s world…Well the best news is that she walked for over 20 minutes on Monday in her walker. AWESOME NEWS!!! She is doing great and walking so well supported and working her on unsupported too. Her new braces came in yesterday. She now has Sure Steps; she has only worn them for two days.

She is really growing and changing. She seems more and more like a toddler everyday. She is doing new things all the time. She now clearly says Momma and an occasional Dada and Brah (brother) too. She now points to whatever it is that she wants (and a lot of things she doesn’t want) but it is very clear that she points out want she wants. If she wants a drink during dinner, she will point to her cup and not eat another bite until she has a drink.

Life has been very crazy we don’t slow down much hence the not blogging for a few months. This coming weekend we are going to visit with our wonderful 4P- families. I am so excited to see them all again. (Although I was lucky to catch up with some this past weekend at a bridal shower) This time a new family is going with us to NJ. We met them a few weeks ago and they have an adorable little boy with 4P-. They are wonderful, we instantly clicked with them and I am so excited that they are coming along to meet the rest of the crew. We have such a great group of “local” parents. I can’t wait to see them on Saturday and introduce them to the new family.

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