Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yeah I know it's been a long time....

OK so it's been awhile...We are still here. Everyone is doing fine. We survived the holidays with no major incidents. Although I was a nervous wreck on Christmas Eve; I did not want a repeat of last year. (Spent in the ER with seizures)

As for Miss Karly, well, she has really been growing. Growing physically and developmentally. She is really taking off. As of Monday, she weighs 34.8 lbs. She's very tall and skinny. She has grown 3 clothing sizes in the past year. I love it! She is now in girls size 4, no more toddler clothes.

Developmentally...well holy cow! She now has several words she uses, she signs "more" all the time, she is standing on her own for a brief periods of time, she is pushing herself independently in her wheelchair, she is walking all around using a walker... the list goes on. Her favorite word is "snack". Which is very fitting because the girls loves to eat. And my goodness the girl can eat, she would eat for hours if we let her.

We have signed her up for kindergarten. Yes, I know I can't believe it either. She turned 5 in November and is eligible for kindergarten in the fall. I am happy that she will have class 5 days a week. She currently only gets 3 days a week. We are still working out all the details of her transition but I am very excited for the next step for her.

One of the best things that Karly has started to do more of lately is that she actually plays with you. She loves to play with her brother. She follows him around and tries to do what he does. It cracks me up to watch the two of them play together. He is obsessed with sports and he has her throwing the ball to him as he is running different football plays in the living room. (I think he thinks he can get away with more if he involves her, and he loves her to pieces!) She has given high fives for awhile but now Ethan has taught her to give pounds. He is so proud that he taught her (as he should be!) Although you need to be prepared or she tends to punch you in the face if you aren't paying attention to her.

Well that's the quick and dirty version. I will try to be more regular with the blog posts!


  1. I love this blog post. SO EXCITED FOR MISS KARLY. And I miss her (and you!) I want a fist bump. Cannot wait to hear about your kindergarten plans.

  2. Sounds like Karly is doing awesome!!! I love to hear these updates. It gives us such great hope that Riley will follow in that same path as well.

  3. It is so awesome to read about Karly's developments. It sounds like she has grown so much even since I saw her at Jess's wedding in August~ I really cannot wait to see her again! Like Hannah said, it gives me hope that one day Kaylee will be able to achieve some of these wonderful milestones, too!xo